Trent's path to cider began in a seedy basement in Mid-Michigan on a farm located somewhere between home and heaven. Captivated by its ability to wipe out an entire nights worth of memories, he and his college roommates decided that replacing the makeshift weight room in the basement with a whiskey barrel was a brilliant idea. It turns out, it was.

Trent eventually made his way through college and after spending six years in the auto industry, moved to the little known Palouse. Surprised that few in Eastern Washington were producing homebrew cider, he once again renovated his garage with a once-used whiskey barrel so that he and his friends could enjoy plenty of memory-filled nights. This barrel followed him to Seattle in 2010 when he decided to leave the corporate world behind and pursue a degree in culinary arts. After two quarters in school, it was a trip back to Pullman that he and Brian first discussed the idea of a local cider company. This of course brought him back to Pullman with his lovely wife, Stacie who used to be known as Brians younger sister.

Trent - Cidermaster

Brian - Assistant Cidermaster

Brian did not have the same college experiences with hard cider that Trent was fortunate to enjoy, although it is rumored that just as many memories were wiped out during this portion of his life. He too made his way through that period and decided that it was so enjoyable that he stayed another two years. While some people call this a Masters Degree, he prefers to call it a lot more fun.

Growing up in Alaska presented plenty of opportunity to learn big ideas, and none was bigger than in 2010 when he and his good friend Carl decided to build The Shop. What is The Shop? Simply put, its a big empty building where they could do whatever they wanted. This concept certainly had many critics at first, but eventually it came together with enough hard work, determination, and well to be honest, beer!

Brian continues his career as a Power Engineer and spends some of his free time assisting in the cidermaking process, mostly as a taste-tester. This as it turns out is the most enjoyable position within the company so he has insisted that the position be his forever.

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